What is FilmDance?

Large theater chains have power because of the number of screens they can offer a film release.  We work to bring high-quality films with lots of added bonuses to large groups of independent theaters.  

All films are optional and there are no membership or coop fees involved.  Benefits and sales splits are based on the number of theaters booked, which gives indie theaters power in numbers.



  • High ticket sale splits (up to 90%)
  • Exclusivity (no large chains*)
  • Customized Trailer (with actor/crew intro mentioning your theater)
  • Giveaways from filmmakers (for local promotion/contests/etc.)
  • Live Q&A via VIMEO LIVE
  • Surprise visits from cast/crew*
  • Minimum marketing budgets required from filmmakers




1. Theaters that have applied and have been accepted into the FilmDance system are notified of all upcoming available films along with the detailed information regarding bonuses available, ticket splits, etc.  Theaters can also login at any time and view upcoming films.

2. Theaters can then sign-up/book the film.

3. Depending on the film, the split amount may have a range that depends on the number of theaters that sign-up/book the film.  This will be clearly laid out for each film.

4. Materials including a customized trailer, marketing materials, and any other bonus materials will be delivered as soon as available.

5. Ticket sales can be easily reported online.  Screenings can run as long as your theater wants.  Some minimum screenings may apply to certain films.


1. High ticket sale splits – we negotiate for the best possible splits and every film will be different but in general the ticket splits will be most beneficial if a high number of theaters sign on for a film.  Splits can range from 50% to 95% going to the theater, with an average goal of 75%.

2. Exclusivity – all films will have a minimum exclusivity period, which will help draw film fans to your theater and you will not compete with large chain theaters during these periods.

3. Customized Trailer – you will be supplied with a trailer that has a 5 to 10 second intro from a cast and/or crew (director/producer) specifically mentioning your theater and inviting your audience to watch the film at your location.  These trailers will be made available for download and can be integrated into your trailer loop as you see fit.

4. Giveaways – signed posters, props from the film, signed photos and more will be supplied to you to help with your own promotional contests, giveaways, and marketing to be used as you see fit.

5. Live Q&A – A live Q&A will be done via VIMEO LIVE.  Each film will detail the information on this to help you plan your screenings.  Usually an opening night premiere is the target for Q&As.   This is an optional feature but is a great marketing tool for you and only requires VIMEO access and the ablity to project this to your audience.  You can also request to be a host for a Q&A – see #6.  Recorded Q&As will be made available for some films as well, which allows you to promote the Q&A for multiple screenings.

6. Surprise Visits from Cast/Crew – We will try to cycle through theaters at random (without repeat) and give priority to theaters that are consistent or have a high screening rate of films from FilmDance for surprise visits.  The idea is to bring someone from the film to your theater for a surprise visit to your screening, which you will know about in advance.  This will give you the ability to contact local press to cover the surprise event.  This is also a good opportunity to host the LIVE Q&A which will be streamed via VIMEO LIVE to all participating theaters (high speed internet required to host a Q&A).


Call it a co-op.  Call it what you will – but this is small independent theaters coming together to work together and keep the independent film world thriving.  We encourage and thrive on feedback and ideas on how we can do better.  Please contact us at any time to throw in your 2 cents.  We’re listening.